Wednesday, April 01, 2009

ABC's "Better Off Ted" Makes a Liar of Me

I was wrong. It would appear that ABC is capable of producing watchable--dare I say a hit?--sitcom after all. "Better Off Ted" is proof that someone over there does in fact remember laughter.

I do too and I couldn't stop laughing out loud while I watched last night. BOT is most definitely in the offbeat, breaking the third wall, "Arrested Development" vein which makes sense since EW's Ken Tucker reports in his accurate review that it's produced by the guy behind "Andy Richter Controls the Universe". I never got around to getting into that show, but the image of Andy outfitted in a coat of live puppies will be forever etched in my brain.

BOT All Stars include: Portia De Rossi, who picks up where she left off on "Arrested Development" as ruthless corporate ice queen Veronica, and the best pair of nerds on TV since "Freaks and Geeks" Lem and Phil. They've also cast a great little girl to play Ted's daughter/conscience Rose. She's got that Dakota Fanning "who were you in a past life?" thing going on. Precocious but not in an obnoxious, creepy way. Jay Harrington as Ted isn't bad either. Actually he's better than isn't bad. He's good. A perfect straight man to offset all the quirk. He's kind of cute too. As you'll see in the promo below, "Better Off Ted" nails the morally-suspect "technology" based corporations we're drowning in these days that think they're fooling us by putting wind farms and a Coldplayish soundtrack in their commercials. Three cheers for sitcoms as social commentary! New episode tonight at 8:30pm EST on ABC.