Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lauren Conrad Is So Over "The Hills"

That's cool. She's finally catching up with the rest of us. I was only aware of "The Hills" enough to determine that Heidi and Spencer should be sterilized and LC should go with the waterproof mascara on shooting days. For those of you that were into it, the LA Times' Denise Martin manages to catch up with LC, the busy reality princess turned fashion designer/novelist. My favorite part is that she is self-effacing when it comes to her acting abilities, but thinks somehow that she's going to be LA's version of JK Rowling. She's a mind boggler that one!

At any rate, I prefer her low key shrewdness to Speidi's ostentatious fame seeking. Heidi's next implants will undoubtedly be Spencer's puppet strings. Wackness.

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