Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kelly Bensimon's Most Seventh Grade Declarations

Photo credit: bravotv/nymag

Juvenile statements abound when "Real Housewives of NYC" Kelly "Kellamity" Bensimon starts talking. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Everyone wants to go out with Max, and Max wants to go out with me.
  • When we're together it's a total flirtfest!
  • He's having a pillow fight with me. Oh my God!
  • And then he was like and I was like and she was like. Lots of like. 
  • Oh, that's so cute. (in response to being told Jill's doing a charity event for arthritis because her daughter suffers from the disease.)
If you want more Kelly craziness may I suggest spending a little time reading her Bravo blog which I fully expect her to try to bind and sell at some point under the title "A Stunningly Disingenuous Account of My Alternate Reality."