Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just When You Thought Fox Reality Couldn't Get More Vile

There's this from Huffington Post about Fox's new reality show "Someone's Gotta Go".
The Fox network is letting employees of some troubled small businesses decide which one of their colleagues will be laid off and turning the results into a reality show.
And the gross just keeps on coming. Meet Mike Darnell, Douchebag In Charge of Alternative Programming for Fox, who has this to say when asked his thoughts on the emotional fallout there will undeniably be in a workplace where all of the employees have voted to oust one of their own:
"Sounds like good reality television," he said. "You just described a good concept for a reality TV show."
In the immortal words of Kara Saun from Season One of "Project Runway" when she confronted wiley wackadoo Wendy Pepper: You're going to need your soul one day, Mike Darnell, and won't have it!

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