Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jill Zarin, Your Newest CNN Pundit

Ok, so Roland Martin is hosting "No Bias, No Bull" and it looks like he's trying to do his own version of "The View" with a five-woman panel this evening. I took one look at the red-head and thought for sure I was hallucinating. It finally happened. I've watched so much Bravo that I now think every middle-aged woman I see on TV is one of the NYC Real Housewives.

But no, I was right. The panelist in question, unable to get a word in because of a camera hog sitting next to her, was indeed Jill "Kick his ass, Wayne!" Zarin.

Her parting words of advice for the segment which appeared to be about advice for women regarding love and money? "Full disclosure going into a marriage. Everything-- financial, personal." That's funny. I expected her to say something like "Spend, spend, spend!"

Video when it becomes available.

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