Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is It Just TellyPhile? : Zac Efron Edition

I have no reason to be around any tweens so Zac Efron's "17 Again" media blitz is my first time being exposed to the little tyke beyond those times that Perez Hilton chooses to salivate over him. His appearance earlier this week on "The View" was my first time seeing Zac in action.

My assessment: He's perfectly nice and there are worse things in a Disney tween star. Despite the surfover hairstyle and the inappropriate ripped jeans, he's not that slick either, witness his assessment of the difference between American and European fans when they scream over him - "In France and Italy they shout a whole bunch of stuff at you that you don't necessarily understand." Tell me about it. Those crazy France people with their France talk! So he's not so good at talking when it isn't on a cue card or set to music. I say let the chubby intellects have the wit and charm since you were born with that built-in EZ Pass you call a face. Very fair arrangement. At least he knows enough to diss Disney and avoid the "Footloose" mistake remake.

But back to that face. It took me this long to get to my whole reason for posting. During the interview I knew he reminded me of someone female. It was like an itch I couldn't scratch. What chick does Z remind me of? And then finally it hit me. Zac Efron could pass for the lost lovechild of Laura Bush! Is it just TellyPhile or are you guys with me? :