Friday, April 17, 2009

Drew Reunites With Letterman and Her Fierceness

Did you see Drew Barrymore on Dave Wednesday night defining the late night guest walk-on? It rivaled pre-Moder Julia. Not only did she and Dave engage in a little flirting before she even made it to the chair--he kissed both her hands, she reverently bowed--but she looked effing fierce!

You could tell from the way she walked and posed, expertly showing off her teeny waist against those volumnious sleeves, that she knew it too. It made me happy to see her looking so good. Lately she'd been trying out really messy hair that she was kinda/sorta/not really pulling off. This night, she was a movie star at full supernova wattage, and she didn't even have to flash her headlights. Loved it.

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