Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Could Fox's "Glee" Be Good?

Your answer to that question probably depends on which promo you've seen and how much you love Jane Lynch, even in small doses (I thought she owned "Role Models"). Fox's decision to put a musical series on television takes balls of considerable size. That kind of moxie alone is enough to make me tune in for the preview that will follow American Idol on May 19th.

Others might say the fact that on more than one occasion I spent the night on a February-cold sidewalk in Boston's theater district for RENT tickets an even more likely reason. That's right. Just as you suspected, my college years are a sordid, tawdry blur. Wait until I tell you about the time we watched like an entire season of "Sex and the City" in one night.

Watch this promo, which on second viewing I'm digging even more. "Glee" could have just the right blend of true-blue corn mixed with Jane Lynch on a megaphone smartassedness. I'm down.