Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CNN Gets Grade Happy, Attains New Level of Cable News Inanity

Ah, yes. CNN couldn't wait to have a reason to get the old Election Get Along Gang together again. Begala, Gergen, Rollins, that Gloria woman, Roland "Chilly Willy the Penguin" Martin, Brazille--all the greats were back to grade the prez on this mostly irrelevant benchmark. I must say though, Alex Castellanos. You and your mustache were truly missed.

Understand, when I say they're grading, this means there are actual cards with big letters on them being held up by the panelists. Every time one of them holds up one of these ridiculous, essentially meaningless cards I hold up my middle finger. It's like a drinking game, except there's the repeated, muted expression of displeasure where the alcohol would normally be.

UPDATE: King is back at work at the magic map wall. Ready the holograms!

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