Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bill O'Reilly, Lincoln Log Enthusiast, Baffled by Super Mario Bros.

This is the clip (props to Boing Boing) that keeps on giving. There is layer upon layer of time-capsule fun to be had so prepare yourself.

  • I could bathe in the insincerity of Bill O'Reilly's "nice guy anchor" routine I love it so much. Come on, Bill. You know you wanna "DO IT LIVE!"
  • "Have you ever heard of Nintendo?" "No. Who's he?"
  • How is Howard Phillips, "Fun Club President", keeping these days?
  • The Hammer Brothers still make me a little sick to my stomach.
  • Nintendo flack Bill White showing off his double major in Nefarious Laughter/Bullshit Peddling: "--wooohahaha--Some questions just have no answers." Shut up, Bill.