Monday, April 27, 2009

BeWeave It or Not, Oprah Provides Pic To Prove Hair is Hers

For those of you who are like me and find Oprah's evolving hairstyles to be one of your favorite things to ponder while getting your daily dose of O, this is the picture you've been waiting for.

In response to her newly acquired Twitter followers, she actually calls them "tweeple" (sigh), Oprah says her hair is all her own so knock off the weave-themed tweets. The Divine Ms. O was apparently so bothered by all the compliments on what the Tweeters assumed was her new weave, she was willing to go sans makeup to prove what her natural hair looks like. During the final seconds of her show, Oprah flashed a picture of what she says is her pre-pressed hair.

Impressive move, Winfrey. I was sure you were weaving it up with the best of them, but this picture has me shook. It does indeed look like real hair, though I would have been more convinced had you gone without that root-hiding headband. Could you have been sporting your own hair all this time? Until Stedman rights his tell-all, I suppose the world will never know. Bygones.

Video here (via HuffPo).


  1. That proves nothing. That could easily still be a weave. I remain unconvinced. To the Twitter message boards!