Thursday, March 05, 2009

Where the Boys Are - Tom Brady's New "Entourage"

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I'm a sometimey watcher of "Entourage". However, people with penises are big fans of Vince and his merry men, so here's to you, guys (and possibly the newest NYC Housewife. Did you see her in those riding pants last episode? I'm just saying.) There will be a new boy on the block, or the green as it were, when "Entourage" returns says E! News:
Tom Brady may have just become a husband to Gisele B√ľndchen, but he's also about to become a member of an entirely different union as well.

The handsome football star is set to appear on the next season of HBO's Entourage, which will film next week in Los Angeles.

"He will be playing himself at a celebrity golf tournament," a HBO publicist tells E! News.

If Tom's rocking those form fitting football pants, I'm there.