Friday, March 06, 2009

"Seinfeld" Cast Reunites for "Curb"

Photo credit: jossip

File this one under TellyPhile wet dream. Huffington Post reports via EW that the cast of "Seinfeld" is going to be on several, yes, several, episodes of Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Either this is going to be impossibly good comedic television or the show is going to jump even further over the shark than it already did when Larry "died" a couple seasons ago.

Which way do you all think it will go?


  1. My money's on fabulosity, fo' sho. Come on, Elaine can do no wrong and the boys with fall in line with the rest of them. Can you imagine them playing themselves??? It might even be the chance Jason Alexander's been waiting for after his 2 failed sitcoms.

  2. No way this turns out good, you can't recreate greatness. Don't you remember what happened when the Bad News Bears went to Japan? It was a complete mess, these TV dopes will never learn...