Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rachel Maddow, Tall Lesbian, Visits "The View"

Photo credit: huffpo/abc

I haven't been able to find any video yet, but Rachel Maddow was part of a really good day on "The View". Today's guests also included my new favorite TV badass Glenn Close. If you haven't been watching "Damages" (FX, Wed., 10pm), you're falling off. Change your DVR record list or head to Hulu immediately.

Back to Rachel. What a surprisingly great appearance! It was a little bit "bring your lesbian to work" day at first with Bahbwah making Rachel stand to show everyone how freakishly tall she is. Who knew? I always thought of Rache as my own personal liberal Tinkerbell-meets-Peter Pan. The seating arrangement, as things usually are on "The View", was awkward. The table looked really crowded and they wedged Rachel in next to Elizabeth. E apparently had a "ladies who love '80s hip hop" luncheon to attend after the show by the looks of her excessive neck bling. Less is more, Lizzie, less is more.

Rachel charmed the ladies with tales of her recent TV stardom, her coming out, how she met her partner, and her endearing unglamourousness. Oh and I think Whoopi admitted to being bi when Barbara teasingly asked her if she was coming out to them due to a question she'd just asked Rachel. Whoopi's reply went something like, the door to that closet was opened a long time ago. Shiver...but I didn't want to open that door.!

Even when I thought it was going to get, you know, all squawky and "View"like once the conversation finally made its way to politics and the stimulus package, Rachel kept it light, reasoned and civil which led to Elizabeth also being civil. She even gave Elizabeth a friendly shoulder pat at the end. I was agog.

Paging Keith Olbermann, you could learn a thing or two from your protege.

UPDATE: Hooray, HuffPo! They've got the video here.


  1. so how tall is rachel? and even so why is it "freekish" I was five nine before aging and shrinking and six feet in heels but never felt or acted "freakish"
    rachel is a dailing delight for me and I am a straight old lady, so why do I need to know about her sexual preferences and history.
    show a little respect for this terrific person who manages to keep her temper under FREAKISH cercumstances.