Monday, March 30, 2009

Please Stop: Oprah & Tyra Show Edition

Dear Oprah & Tyra Show Producers,

Please stop brazenly biting off of each other. Maybe you figured that because Tyra's demographic is teen girls and O's is everyone else with breasts, the copycatting would go unnoticed. It hasn't. You underestimated that tendency thirty-year old women have to cling to their youth.

The show swapping was admirable at first, when in the wake of the Chris Brown/Rihanna thing, you both did shows that aired on the same day, devoted to educating teen girls about domestic violence. Ra ra sisterhood and all that. However, what started as an experiment in daytime talk synergy has creeped way past the ridiculous mark.

You guys are swapping guests and show topics like bodily fluids at a skank slumber party . Tyra does a show on the straight girl turned gay girl phenomenon, Oprah does too. O has Steve Harvey on to tell the straight girls sticking with this guy thing what we're doing wrong, and you'll never guess who was dishing out love and dating do's and don'ts with Tyra the next day. Not cool, guys.

If you're The Tyra Show, you don't want us comparing what your girl does to Oprah. It's so Pier 1 to O's Pottery Barn. Wicker vs. Winfrey? That's never a good idea.


  1. I didn't catch the Harvey interview, but everything I've read about it makes me completely nauseated. I'm sorry that a divorced comedian doesn't think I have anything to offer a man beyond my vagina, er, "cookie", but that's his problem, not mine. Also, I strenuously object to the notion that every woman is dead set on marrying the man she's dating. They say a man will never buy the cow if he's getting the milk for free... but what if the cow isn't for sale? Ponder that.

    Steve Harvey wishes you weren't such a slut

  2. Um...I don't feel passionately about Steve Harvey or anything, but I don't think that was his message at all. He never said all women have to offer is sex. The point of the show, and his book, is that he offers women what men are thinking. If you had watched the show (ahem), you would have heard him say that he doesn't claim to know anything about us as women, he's just letting women know the maile perspective. And the point of the book is for women who are interested in finding men for marriage and/or serious relationships. He's not assuming at all that every woman is looking for that. One last thing: he's a comedian--lighten up, virtualred.