Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New Class of Clooneys?

Photo credit: T Magazine

T Magazine's Lynn Hirschberg notices that with Clooney getting greyer by the minute, Hollywood is the latest American town being overrun by an immigrant workforce. Damn you, Clive Owen!

Just before she calls Lou Dobbs, she remembers that bountiful cradle of Depps, Clooneys, and Washingtons-To-Be called television and starts scouting. Her findings include those signature Times screen tests (most notably of Eric Dane, Joshua Jackson and Gaius Charles). So quietly sexy. It's a shame they aren't scratch 'n sniff.


  1. *sniffs* Incredibly, the smell of godly sexiness seems to have actually penetrated the film, picture, scanner, internet, and the screen of my monitor. Amazing.