Thursday, March 05, 2009

MSNBC's ADD Afternoon, Chooses Brad over Bush

This is pretty hilarious. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the control room. MSNBC started out with live coverage of the Barbara "PigHeart" Bush press conference and then jumped to the White House Press Briefing with Bobby "Beeker" Gibbs. Then!, when they realized they were missing Frmr. President George Bush, Snr. losing it live, they jumped back to that presser.

Don't get comfortable, viewers! Brad Pitt's on Capitol Hill. As the cameras greedily clicked away at the best looking person to ever walk the halls of Congress, Brad said something about how much Katrina sucked. Very brief, looks very uncomfortable. Then looked like he wanted to bolt immediately after he finished speaking. Not so fast, pretty boy. You're Pelosi's bitch now. Nan and Congressman James Clyburn kept Poppa Pitt in front of the cameras to milk the photo op for as long as possible. Brad continued to look like Angelina was going to beat him when he got home. And just like that, it was over all too soon.

So what did we learn this afternoon, tellyphiles? No one on cable news cares about a blubbering old dude, even if he used to be the Leader of the Free World.