Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart to CNBC, "I'm Just Not That into You."

How much do I love Jon Stewart, television's lone bullshit slayer? His Royal Blogness Andrew Sullivan helps me count the ways with clips of Stewart's greatest "I call bullshit" moments.

With the surgical precision of a pre-losing-his-shit McDreamy, Stewart deftly explained to a queasy Jim Cramer exactly why CNBC is guilty of journalistic malpractice. Cramer mostly took his lumps with brief attempts at using the "hey, I'm just an entertainer" defense. Armed with clips of Cramer's hypocrisy, JS promptly shut that down. One wonders how the same segment would have gone had Rick Santelli, an actual CNBC journalist, been in the chair.

What made the exchange one of the greatest moments in tellyphile history is Jon Stewart's bare-knuckled, unflinching honesty. We are so rarely treated to that in a television culture where even our reality shows have become scripted parodies of real life. Jon proved that an honest exchange, even when it's brimming with outrage, can be well-mannered, thoughtful, reasoned.

I'm talking too much. The interview, unedited, speaks for itself:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


  1. The fact that people still fall for these pretend TV personality fueds is pretty pathetic. It was cool when Andy Kaufman did it, but that was 25 years ago...