Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Suri San!

Photos via: huffingtonpost

Ok, so this isn't exactly TV-related. However, we all got to know Katie as Joey on "Dawsons" so let's just go with that flimsy logic and enjoy these Suri in Japan shots. Thanks, HuffPo.

TellyPhile Tip: Keep clicking through to the leopard print flats closeup. She's giving Shiloh and Z a run for their money.

Oh yes, the other picture isn't a shot of Tom with a rent-a-date, it's the latest in Katie hair news. They were taken the day after the shots with Suri were. Looks like she's either using some sort of Scientology miracle grow or K's sold out and purchased some (pretty nicely done) extensions as an alternative to her signature short cut. Britney, take notes.

It looks fine, if not ordinary. Everyone needs a little change up. What say you, masses? I hope she goes back to her fashion forward NYC look. K&S have been the fashionista Mommy 'n Me team I heart the most. If she gets too weaved out, that might change things.

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