Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If You're Obsessed with "Gossip Girl"

Read this "Daily Intel" post breaking down the well-dressed minutiae of Monday night's Blairtastic episode into two sections: "Realer Than a Wasp Family Playing Touch Football in the Snow" for those moments that found you going "true, true" like a nineties rapper; "Faker Than an Actual Adult, Not on Ecstasy, Making a List of Past Hookups for a Current Relationship" chimes in on all those times when you were all "as if".

It's blogging so good it gave me a case of the vapors. Wholly-readable episode breakdowns (sorry PopWatch) are a rare occurrence, like watchable episodes of "How I Met Your Mother"--a stale, "just add water" affair. NPH is the show's one bright light. The rest of the cast are all annoying, forgettable faces. Especially Band Camp and that poor man's Fallon they've got for the main dude. Then of course there's Saget's narration. Somewhere The Wonder Years' Daniel Stern is doing the Mutombo finger wag.

Anyway, back to "Daily Intel", in a stroke of hardcore tv blogging genius, these people even googled Lily's past hookups list. Chris Rovzar and Jessica Pressler are said geniuses. I hope to blog like them when I grow up. Check them out:
Successfully pulling off a spot-on "Seinfeld" analogy for "Gossip Girl" analysis. You know this means that, like Jules, they've got wallets with "Bad Motherfucker" printed on them. Respect.