Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Daily Show" Delivers Mighty Smackdown Upon CNBC

I've been apalled at CNBC's role in the economic shitstorm we find ourselves in presently and the rest of the media's unwillingness to call them on it. As I became a regular viewer of "Morning Joe" during the campaign I quickly realized CNBC "reporter" Erin Burnett was the Wall Street equivalent of those bar room shot girls that have the balls to say they work in "marketing".

And then last night, like a sensibly-suited, sarcastic superhero, Jon Stewart used his comedy show to do the journalistic heavylifting yet again. Watch as he addresses the jaw-dropping hypocrisy of one Mr. Rick Santelli and the rest of the CNBC get-along-gang. Money quote: "I find cheap populism oddly arousing." Brace yourselves, thinking people, this is like nipple-hardening good.