Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ashlee Simpson to Speak Again!

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Ever since Ash took up with that wee little Wentz dude she's been totally dissing. When we first met via her teeny bopper MTV reality show we couldn't get her to shut up. She was the gravelly-voiced, mall-punk, generously-nosed alternative to Jessica's, well whatever it is that Jessica does. Next thing we knew, she apparently exchanged her soul for someone else's face. No more approachable Skipper Simpson. Ash had gone full-on Barbie. This was all well and good. If she felt she needed the new nose, so be it. I just wish in her deal with the devil (See, Dr. Rey from "Dr. 90210") she'd hung on to some of that spunk she used to first ingratiate herself upon us.

Maybe some of the old Ash flavuh will return in her new role as country bumpkin sex kitten on the latest, wiggity wack '90s remake The CW has in store - "Melrose Place: Condemned, but Not Forgotten". Details here via EW's scoop king Ausiello. I didn't really watch MP the first time so I have no idea if outrage is called for, but Aus says Ash's character is going to be the equivalent of the original MP's Sydney. Cool? So not? What say you, tellyphiles?

Hmm, country bumpkin sex kitten. Do you think she'll follow Jess around for research?

I don't set out to be mean. It's just what happens when I talk.

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