Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ABC Still Incapable of Producing a Cool Sitcom - Part II

In response to commenter Tut's query about whether it's possible for a brand new show to jump the shark, I say yes on the grounds that ITM isn't exactly a brand new show. It's only new to television. ITM is actually based on little webisodes that Chelsea Handler, Leah Remini and another chick that got replaced by Jenny McCarthy (boooo!) in season 2. You can watch on YouTube.

Because I'm oh so helpful in your quest to not get any work done, you don't even have to click. Here's one of the funnier ones I've seen posted right here for your procrastinating enjoyment (Still a little "on" for my taste, but I it's way better than ABC's cheesy do-over. Why didn't Chelsea and Leah star???):

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