Monday, March 30, 2009

ABC Still Incapable of Producing a Cool Sitcom

Funny don't come easy. Try to force things, and it becomes even more elusive. This is not a very deep thought about comedy, but it's one that apparently has yet to occur to the producers of "In the Motherhood" (Thursdays, 8pm), ABC's latest attempt at forced, thirty-minute hilarity. It's comedic vibe reminds one of that near-fifty woman in your office, who is constantly assaulting everyone else with inappropriate jokes (especially about sex) in an over-the-top attempt to prove how irreverent and "with it" she is. The more hardened and sarcastic she behaves, the more uncomfortable it gets for everyone else, until suddenly you'd do anything to avoid the breakroom. "Maybe if I leave the Lean Cuisine I brought for lunch out to thaw, I can go without microwaving it," you think to yourself. What's so great about hot lunch anyway?

And so it went as I shook my head through the premiere episode, dismayed at the misuse of a cast with so much potential. The show revolves around three women--Jane (Cheryl Hines), Rosemary (Megan Mullally) and Emily (Jessica St. Clair). Make sure you have your annoying-stereotype belts on, because away we go! Jane is a recently divorced working mom of a preteen and baby. She's the Every Jane all done up for TV. Like most of us Every Jane works in an office, but it looks cooler than any office you or I have ever worked in, ditto her cutesy office girl wardrobe and the wise-cracking "manny" she employs. I never thought I'd say this, but thank Belvedere for Horatio Sanz. Sanz is one of the few things working for ITM, though, I'll have to see if I keep liking him as much in episode two. I was sort of in awe of how different he looks now that he's dropped the weight. I'd seen stills before, but seeing skinny Horatio in motion, plus the full beard. The obsessive people watcher in me was absolutely riveted. Plus, his is the only character that feels like something we haven't seen before, or at least not in a good decade. Danza, can you hear me?


  1. Is it technically possible for a brand new show to have jumped the shark?

  2. Actually, Tellyphile, you may have to retract that statement. Did you see Better of Ted last night? LOVED IT! Alright, well it at least made me laugh once or twice. And Portia de Rossi commanded every scene she was in. I'm waiting for a retraction, or amendment at the very least.