Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ABC Puts "Bachelor" Loser Melissa Back on the Ho Stroll

Photo credit: tvgasm.com

Never underestimate the vampiric sensibilities of television producers.

When you're an ABC producer, there's no reason why last week's bawling "Bachelor" beauty can't be this week's "Dancing with the Stars" dancing queen.

I can't believe the size of the balls on these people either.

Rycroft, along with former Heff Ho Holly Madison, were the two surprise contestants who stepped up to replace sidelined sorta-celebs Jewel and Nancy O'Dell of "Access Hollywood".

Last night's two-hour premiere was my first full-on exposure to DWTS. I was struck by the following:
  • Between this show and "American Idol" I no longer have any grounds for the belief that American television is somehow superior to whatever that guy is up to on "Sabado Gigante".
  • Samantha Harris is a pro at awkward backstage banter.
  • If you are a male ballroom dancer, it is imperative that your shirt have no buttons on it. And the chest that coyly peeks out at you from betwixt the parted satin? Hairless.
  • There is another realm besides child beauty pageants in which spray tan and sequins make the world go round.
What were some things you guys noticed about the show? Are you happy to see Melissa with a new gig or do you think she should have told ABC to go eff themselves?

Discuss, superstars, discuss!

UPDATE: Here's a nicely edited piece I found via CelebTV.

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