Friday, May 02, 2008

Midday Munchie: The British Are Coming!

Erm...tellyphiles can be anglophiles too.

AM Radio

Kate Nash - Foundations. This song is brought to you by my ex boyfriend and the letters F and U. Even if the song isn't your cup o' tea, immerse yourself in that Brit accent, mate. Now, where did I put me trainers? That's sneakers for you lot of American wankuhs.

Is it Just TellyPhile?

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Or does Scarborough bear an uncanny resemblance to the penguin jewel thief from the claymation classic "The Wrong Trousers" starring Wallace and Gromit? Same beady little eyes.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Susie Sixpack

It's okay, Hil. We all know you're more a beer and whisky gal anyway.

Wednesday Ratings Redux

Does "Idol" suck more than usual this year, or are Americans actually getting...smarter? "Deal or No Deal" isn't doing as well either.

People, things may be looking up! If we manage to put the candidate who truly has testicular fortitude into the Oval Office this time around, and isn't just a pandering pol, it could mean a resurgence of the American intellect that'll make even those wily Japanese nervous. Reaching? You may have a point. I haven't come out on the right side of anything to do with numbers since Brett Michaels had hair. How do we feel about Canada? No country with their shit together mathematically would call their dollar the "loonie". Suckers.

Hardy Har Har

I was already plenty amused by the quietly funny intellect of Matthew Broderick when put up against the deliciously awkward, hypereverything interviewing style that is Reg's signature when Broderick stopped by "Regis & Kelly" this morning to promote his new movie, "Then She Found Me: Helen Hunt Lives" (example: Matthew complains about having a cold, Regis follows up by asking whether or not Broderick's wife SJP had "captured" his cold. "Captured my cold?" Matthew responds clearly as amused as I was. Yes!)

But little did we know, from there, things would only get better.

"Fierce" Creature

Hilarious "Project Runway" winner and divo extraordinaire Christian Siriano guests on "Ugly Betty" tonight, bitches. You better work!

Nina Garcia's on too (yawn).

When Icons Collide - SATC on Oprah

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Say what you will about Oprah, but when it comes to May sweeps Ms. Winfrey don't play. Yesterday there was the possibility of seeing David Blaine bite it live on television in a giant fishbowl, today it's Sarah J and her well dressed amigas on Oprah this afternoon for what is just the beginning of the Sex and the City: The Movie hoopla. And don't lose your shit yet, girls. Tom Cruise is coming at ya in all his wackadoodleness tomorrow. But back to Sarah Jessica. What do you think the real deal is with her and the rest of the girls? Word on the street is when Sarah Jessica and Kim interact it sounds like this:

SJP: rawwwrrr
KIM: hiss...scratch...hiss

In the end what really matters is that they keep up that glamorous Sex and the City facade that leaves me feeling high on the fabulousness of New York City and its fashion and pretty low about my position squarely outside of it. I blame this on being a girl. Women are masochists by nature. How else to explain our choices in men and shoes.

If Spring Was a Song...

It'd be Vampire Weekend's A-Punk.
Cubicle dancing for all!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad Brew

Since I've become obsessed with the presidential race, and there's no love lost in my world for the Big Three's morning shows (Diane Sawyer, Robin shaved her head. Isn't it time you got rid of the mullet?) MSNBC's "Morning Joe" has been my morning show of choice.

As I've become more familiar with the alarmingly small-eyed Scarborough, I've become less and less a fan. Something about the way he incessantly feeds at the teat of Momma Hillary every morning is really starting to gross me out. I guess we know Joe likes his cup with cream, eh? But this morning I was pleased to see that Joe was absent and the slightly more tolerable Mika Brzezinski was in his stead. Sure that wormy little Willie Geis was still around but that's okay. I trusted that Mika could keep him in check.

But alas, my pleasure was quickly usurped by dismay...then frustration...then anger by two words that set my teeth on edge: Pastor Problem.

Reverend Wright spoke and of course the mainstream media finds it necessary to pore over the what they've deemed the worst of it and try to incite Rev. Wright Controversy: Part Deux.

It's official. Journalists should officially be added to the endangered species list.