Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Leno Lives, Conan Grows Cold in the Shadow of The Mighty Chin

(Photo courtesy: claytonboen.com)

People with an actual sense of humor--and Conan O'Brien--have just been majorly bitchslapped by NBC. These clowns are going to give Leno a talk show to air 10pm weeknights starting in June when Conan takes over "The Tonight Show". How lazy. Instead of facing the challenge of finding a new hour of television that doesn't suck to replace the long-sucking "ER", NBC's taken the easiest way out and bumped up their sucky late night host to primetime.

All this does is oh so cleverly make 9pm the last hour of primetime on NBC. Jay's show will have a different name like,"The Earlier Tonight Show", but it'll still be the same shiz. Naturally, entertainment "reporter" Courtney Hazelcheeks toes the company line on MSNBC predicting the demise of the scripted drama because of her bosses' evil genius. Is TellyPhile the only one grossed out by all this? And poor Conan. He signed up to be the new host of "The Tonight Show" and instead he's a prime candidate for "The Biggest Loser".

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