Saturday, December 06, 2008

Jimmy Fallon to Premiere Online Monday

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Jimmy "at least I'm not Dane Cook" Fallon doesn't do it for TellyPhile. He's always seemed like an Adam Sandler for the tween set. And that emo hair? Pass.

Still, being TellyPhile, our interest was piqued by this tidbit via Huffington Post. Word is Fallon will be working out the kinks as the soon to be new host of "Late Night" (NYC will miss you, Conan) with live "video blogs" starting Monday. Hmm, a live comedic production overseen by Lorne Michaels with the potential to be chock full of suck. Jeez, Jimmy. It'll be like you never left.

In all seriousness, after viewing this clip of Jimmy with Dr. Evil in tow, TellyPhile was heartened by the fact that Jimmy's actually capable of spontaneous bursts of funny. It's a pleasant surprise. Let's hope his "Late Night" consists of more of this kind of smart humor and less of the "goodness me" stammering, awkward, humble dude routine. Michael Cera's got you beat on that front, James. See you on the lines! (TellyPhile Term: on the lines - a confused, mom jeans wearing person's way of saying "online").