Friday, December 05, 2008

"Grey's" is starting to suck again

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It's time we had this talk. Grey's Anatomy. What's happening? There's something in the water over in Shondaland and it's very, very bad. Like three-eyed fish, cancer hotspot bad.

There are so many issues to address, so let's begin with the most flagrant foul. The storyline I've come to think of as Ghost II: Izzie Does Denny. We all remember Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). The hot, half dead guy that Izzie fell in love with and risked her career for only to have him go way dead on her whilst wearing a prom dress. How embarassing. This season, he's baaaaaack and still a looker (doesn't JDM remind you of the "Everybody Loves Raymond" brother except put together in a way that's physically appealing?). Izzie's the only one that can see Denny and we've had to suffer through two episodes worth of hot, girl-on-ghost relations. All signs point to this being a build up for that much whispered about brain tumor that insiders said the writers were going to afflict Izzie with as payback for Katherine "I can't helpt it, I'm a Mormon" Heigl's very public smack talking about her less than stellar storyline. Listen, Grey's writers, I'm all for revenge, but not on our time, okay. Not cool.

The other innocent victim in all this? Poor Alex Korev. Every time he opens his heart to love, a little crazy seems to sneak its way in too. How excruciating to watch him profess his love for Izzie--finally, at long last--when we know she's not into it all. Yet again, audience robbed. Izzie and Alex finally getting together and going all in could have made for a great dramatic alternative to the Der and Mer saga. Ball dropped again.

Finally, the main characters' refusal to teach their interns, which of course led to the Little Grey and the gang almost kill Meredith's annoying new friend episode, is just lame. Even lamer is that even after something major like a near death going down, Meredith, Christina and the rest still haven't had any epiphany about how they need to be better teachers. Isn't that what the whole season started out being about with the chief going apeshit over Seattle Grace losing its ranking? Everything's all over the place, lacks focus. We lost a solid character like Hahn for the cool-as-a-cutter English broad whose name I've refused to even commit to memory. Make the bad writing stop and give us the Grey's we signed up for.

UPDATE: Turns out I was right. Sort of. (SPOILER ALERT)

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  1. word--is it possible for them to jump a different shark every season? first meredith's near-drowning last season, now this.