Thursday, May 01, 2008

When Icons Collide - SATC on Oprah

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Say what you will about Oprah, but when it comes to May sweeps Ms. Winfrey don't play. Yesterday there was the possibility of seeing David Blaine bite it live on television in a giant fishbowl, today it's Sarah J and her well dressed amigas on Oprah this afternoon for what is just the beginning of the Sex and the City: The Movie hoopla. And don't lose your shit yet, girls. Tom Cruise is coming at ya in all his wackadoodleness tomorrow. But back to Sarah Jessica. What do you think the real deal is with her and the rest of the girls? Word on the street is when Sarah Jessica and Kim interact it sounds like this:

SJP: rawwwrrr
KIM: hiss...scratch...hiss

In the end what really matters is that they keep up that glamorous Sex and the City facade that leaves me feeling high on the fabulousness of New York City and its fashion and pretty low about my position squarely outside of it. I blame this on being a girl. Women are masochists by nature. How else to explain our choices in men and shoes.

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