Thursday, May 08, 2008

Starzilla vs. BabWah

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Maury Phillips/WireImage
Star Jones roared back at Barbara Walters over comments Babs made on the "Oprah" show last week during her desperate media blitz for her yawn-all book "Audition". Star ain't havin none of it. You ain't sellin' books on my rapidly-shrinking back, Norma Desmond! I've only got room enough for G'Al!

Starlet Marie, as we like to call her, had no problem getting ugly(er) in response to Barbara's claims that Star was kicked off "The View" because no one likes a phony. Le Wawa also said Zilla was a heavy breather (as someone who is so well-connected she had to do a phone interview with Star a while back, I'm going to have to second that). In response, Star called Babs out as a classless old hoe desperate for attention now that time wasn't on her side . Diss! Read her full statement here, Barbara's (non)response here.