Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama Said Knock You Out

We're in the umpteenth hour of coverage of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries and it looks like Obama shut Hillary down in NC 56/42 and lost by a slim margin 51/49 (Clinton) in IN. She'll probably stay in it because she's HRC. But I say from now on, everyone start calling her Hillabee.
I mainly ride the remote between MSNBC and CNN. Kudos to the powers that be by the way for keeping their station breaks in tandem for easy switching back and forth. The real fun though came when I took a peek at what was going on at Faux News. The place looked like a morgue, with a panel of old, grumpy GOP dinosaurs sitting around looking like someone just threw their candy in the sand. Na na na na na!

In other news, Hillary has cancelled all her morning show appearances and CNN's Map Master John King is beginning to look like an autistic at that big screen of his. Someone might want to slowly sit him down in between breaks. The poor guy looks like a touchscreen Rain Man out there.

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