Thursday, May 08, 2008

Not ExZachtly Scrubbed

Photo credit: Dean Hendler/NBC
All you rabid "Scrubs" fans out there, allow me to relieve your heartbreak. TV Decoder confirms that ABC will in all likelihood be picking up the seven-year old laugher -- I'm sorry what show were we talking about again? Ooohh riiiight..."Scrubs" that show that I always forget to watch anyway.

Um, so if you want to get really hardcore about it, check out Zach Braff introing a clip from tonight's NBC finale episode. It's an homage to "The Princess Bride" (now the ridiculous pic makes sense. I know. I too was hoping it was a razzi pic of Zach and the fake Becky at Medieval Times. After all, stars "they're just like us!") and was directed by Mr. Garden State himself. This could be really funny, but the clip isn't -- unless of course you're a white guy who's into like Monty Python and the Holy Grail and how many of those are there really? Like all of them, right?

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