Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mrs. Cannon

"Oprah" is all about gossip today as she employs a panel of cablenews-like talking heads that include George Steph's wife Alexandra something or other (as usual, she comes across more desperate to be funny than Kathy Griffin can), Gayle King and Mr. Kelly Ripa - Marc Consuelos.

Oprah made an otherwise ho-hum show interesting by teasing the audience with pics from a People magazine spread of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's hush hush island nuptials. Ooh! And in a scoop to beat all scoops, Oprah tells us the songbird that makes us say "Hmm" got a "Mrs. Cannon" tattoo across her back. Going to suck when she has to get that changed to "Mr., Scan On!" My favorite is the shot of young Nick full-on carrying Mariah in his arms.
Who knew the little tyke had it in him?

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