Thursday, May 08, 2008

John McCain Visits The Daily Show

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If you missed McCain on "The Daily Show" last night, here are some key clips from over at Tuned In. Props to the old coot for playing along pretty smoothly when asked by Stewart if he was prepared to "reject and renounce" ole Dubya. Aaaaawwwkaaard. Seriously though, it's ballbuster but legit questions like that that convince me Stewart should be the general election debate for all of them. We're in pretty sorry shape when a comedian will without a doubt ask more relevant, beneficial questions that get to the heart of the matter--who's going to fix what Bush hath broken and beyond--than our supposed leading political "journalists".
If your little eyeballs could use a break from the unflinching glow of your computer screen, you can also watch McCain's entire replay coming up at 8pm on Comedy Central. Who's got your back? That's right, friendo, I do! Now...go fetch me a cold one and make me a sandwich. By "cold one" I mean a chilled diet carbonated beverage which I'd consider plugging for the right amount of greenbacks and "make me a sandwich" is of course a euphemism for oral. Don't look so affronted. We're all legal here.