Thursday, May 15, 2008

When Chris Matthews Attacks...

For any of you fools who missed "Hardball" tonight boy are you going to rue the day you made fun of my cable news addiction. It's for moments like this that I hang in there. Conservative radio show host which is like fancy people talk for "blowhard", Kevin James, got his ass handed to him by the HHIC (Head Hardballer In Charge) Chris Matthews. That'll teach you to try and pull a Sean Hannity on Matthews' watch, son. There's only room for one uninformed ass on these airwaves and Sheriff Matthews is going to see to it they're all confined to FoxNews.

Imagine if Chris used his considerable hardball powers for good all the time. Jimminy. I just got goosebumps.

UPDATE: Fighting starts at 4 minutes in. Pay close attention at 6:40secs when James gets in touch with his inner soul sista and starts jerking his head around Shanaynay style. Yes!

UPDATE2: If you're at work and can't play video, my favorite HuffPost blogger Jason Linkins gets it done with a transcript here.