Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fraggle Feature

Photo credit: belfastcity.gov.uk

So now that I've got you in a Fraggle state of mind, allow me to knock your socks off with a doozer of a story. Okay, no more Fraggle lingo puns. The dope from EW.com is The Weinstein Company (run by the dynamic brother duo that brought us Miramax before Disney stole it from them) has decided to use their considerable filmmaking might for good, planning a live-action Fraggle Rock feature film. The original Fraggle-maker, The Jim Henson Co., is on board so it looks, at least in these early stages, like the project is legit. What could possibly go wrong you ask? Ahmet Zappa is listed as the projects executive producer. The last time I heard anything about Ahmet Zappa--and the fact that I've even heard of him is because I'm a really good listener--he was hosting a bad MTV gameshow and divorcing Selma Blair. Apparently, Ahmet aka "Mighty McFearless" he wrote a book for kids that a couple big studios wanted a piece of so he has exhibited some form of talent other than being born with a famous rock surname.

At any rate, now today's kids will have tangible evidence of why our 80s childhood was so much cooler than theirs. Radish stick, anyone?

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