Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CBS Gives "Old Christine" New Life

CBS is combatting the ick factor felt by friends of funny across the TV universe when ABC made the mind-boggling decision to renew their half hour crusade against comedy more commonly known (and i do mean common) as "According to Jim". The Eye is picking up the "The New Adventures of Old Christine" starring Julia Louis "Curse Shmurse" Dreyfuss. Look for it Wednesday nights at 8pm as lead-in to new sitcom "Project Gary". So much for the widely held belief that the network "had soured" on "Christine". Lead-in positioning like this points to some confidence in "Christine" does it not?

Or maybe it's a case of CBS not wanting ABC to have a chance at getting their clammy, desperado hands all over it since ABC was reportedly laying in wait to snatch up "Christine" for 22 epis if CBS dissed and dropped the show or tried to sell them short with a low epi order.

TellyPhile for one couldn't be happier. The fact that you've got networks fighting over "Old Christine" is excellent news for women in comedy. Here's a show, much like the Elaine character in "Seinfeld" that offers a refreshingly different version of being female. It says women can be just as antisocial, weird and overall Larry Davidy as the rest of ya and we don't have to look like Roseanne. Here's to not-so-nice girls. What the fuck are you looking at, pops? You want some of this? Let's go!


  1. hurray!!! does anyone know when it's coming back to cbs?