Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When TV Worlds Collide: What's Sergio Doing on "Tyra"?

Photo courtesy: usatoday.com

Home sick and in my delirium find my remote pointing towards "Tyra". UPN is always dangerous television terrain. I should have known better than to go anywhere near it in my weakened condition.

But what's this? File this under "When TV World's Collide". Tyra's doing some weird, half-baked social experiment (as usual) and me thinks the bespectacled 6'3" 300lber going on about how he wants a woman who he won't have to share clothes with is none other than the "unusual" homeowner from last Saturday's "Trading Spaces" premiere (pictured center, above). That's right. It's Sergio! We knew Sergio was a rare bird when he broke one of the basic rules of TS and tried to get a peak (see stalk his ex wife...allegedly) at the new design of his budoir. Now this Fat Joe standin has the nerve to say he wouldn't roll with a fellow plumper? Sergio, those in elastic waistbanded houses should not throw twinkies, my friend.