Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Real Housewives of Orange County" Reunion

Photo courtesy: tvguide.com

Tonight at 9pm EST on Bravo, the "Real Housewives" reunite for one last chance to burn each other at the stake--I mean, celebrate their friendship--and the season that was. Up for discussion will be Lauri's wedding, Jeana and Vicky's frenemies issues, and whether or not something of Quinn's is real. I really hope they're not wasting time talking about whether the boobs behind that bad mom cleavage are authentic. Of course they are. Who would pay for that? Oh and Jo is also supposed to make an appearance. Listen, girl. If you haven't served up your ridiculous existence for my entertainment all season, you can't show up at the reunion for what we all know is your attempt at promoting your new life as a "recording artist".

In honor of the ladies, every time one of our well-maintained divas makes a thinly-veiled catty remark, inject a shot of Botox "Pulp Fiction" style into the heart of the BFF sitting closest to you.