Thursday, January 10, 2008

New York and Tailor Made Still Grossing Everyone Out

Photo courtesy: VH-1

At least that's what VH-1 says. For more click here:

The highly-anticipated "I Love New York 2" reunion aired last Sunday on VH-1. The music net did not disappoint, treating viewers to a broadcast that was easily the most incoherent walk down reality tv dating show memory lane ever. Once we got past the shennanigans of whatever it was "It" was doing with that cinderblock and the nausea of watching Sister Patterson firebreathe on "Champion", we all got to see what we came for--"New York" in love.

Like Airhead, you had to be inspired that love does in fact reign supreme, if not clean, when Tiffany "New York" Pollard and George "Tailor Made" Weisgerber confessed that they were so hot for each other, they moved in together shortly after the finale was taped. (Anybody who knows anything about falling in love on television knows how taboo this is. Show contestants are forbidden from seeing each other until the finale has aired so as not to spoil the outcome.)

To all you doubting Thomquishas out there, Airhead asks--how could you think a woman with hair as long, breasts as buxom and eyelashes as lush as New York's could possibly be faking something like love? That'd be like a presidential candidate faking tears to win a primary or something. What kind of wacked-out fantasy world are you living in?


  1. Oh Anna, I do love you. We're a funny bunch. Btw theres a picture of Tiffany and George in Star or something, of him carrying her bridal style while she makes a fatastic Janice face. He looks as though if it weren't for his pride and the too bright flashes forcing him to lean back and away from the cameras, he'd fall over.