Sunday, December 16, 2007

Break Me Off a Piece of....

James Clement from "Survivor: China" .

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I stopped watching "Survivor" a long time ago because well...because why would you now that Bravo produces reality television? However, has anyone gotten a gander at this season's fine ass James, who just happens to be a gravedigger. (A little creepy, I know, but do you see this man's abs and killer smile. He's like Seal gone right! )If you read People--actually, no one really reads People. It's more like a picture book for the celebrity-obsessed and shallow. Yes, I am hinting for a gift subscription--you already know what I'm talking about as they named him "Sexy Man of the Week" a while back. They're flaunting the drool-worthy photo on the Survivor finale which I've been reduced to watching tonight during the commercial breaks for "Raising Helen" on AMC which is already an admittedly low place to start from.
Sure he's not the most verbose guy in the room and apparently he made the dumbest move in "Survivor" history by not using the immunity idol or necklace or mango--whatever that evil genius Burnett has dreamed up lately--but then with a six pack like his who needs conversation and a million?

Oh yeah, that feral looking little Todd dude won. Yay? Boo? Yawn.